Salon Hours

Tuesday10am - 7pm
Wednesday10am - 7pm
Thursday10am - 8pm
Friday10am - 7pm
Saturday9am - 4pm

Therapeutic Massage - Services

Prenatal Massage

A customized massage to soothe your sore and changing body. 30 min- $40 60 min- $70 *Stipulations do apply. Must let receptionist know you are pregnant when scheduling.


Combining therapeutic massage practices from around the world, this therapy uses specific rhythmic massage movements to combat the stress of modern life and re-energize the mind, leaving you with a feeling of complete wellbeing and vitality. Choose from an assortment of essentials oils.
30 minutes - $40
60 minutes - $70
90 minutes - $100

Hot Stone

Drawn from the base of the Black Sea, soothing heated basalt lava stones are paired with aromatherapy oils to encourage complete relaxation. Let your mind drift and your spirit soar as these warm sea stones glide over muscles, melting away stress and tension. These stones are also used as massage tools for deeper penetration of the muscles.
60 minutes - $80